About the Owners

Karen Lewan purchased Britches-n-Bows in April of 2013.  Karen is married, and has four children and eleven grandchildren.  After graduating from Spring Arbor University, she taught in the Columbia School District, Brooklyn, MI, for 31 years.  After retiring in 2007, Karen spent several years just being grandma and nana.  When shopping at Britches-n-Bows one winter day, she noticed the “business for sale” sign, and immediately became interested.  After much prayer and discussion, she made the decision to purchase, and became the new owner of the 30 year old business.  From teaching, directing family camp Bible School, being Director of Children’s Ministries at church, and taking care of grandchildren, to now outfitting children in daywear to formal attire, children are the love of her life.

Willow Jeffreys is Britches-n-Bows’ sales manager.  When making her decision to purchase Britches-n-Bows, Karen immediately called her long-time friend and fellow retired teacher, Willow, and asked her if she was interested in joining her in this endeavor.  Willow wasn’t happy with retirement, either, and jumped in to help.    A third fellow friend and teacher retiree, Laurel Beer, has been a tremendous help in getting the store set up, and often drops in to help with organization and sales.  The three retired teachers taught together at Norman A. Miller Elementary school in Cement City, MI, and are now working together to make Britches-n-Bows a continued success!